Welcome to AcuHerb

We’re proud of the unsurpassed quality, purity and effectiveness you’ll find in the time-proven ancient Chinese formulations known as the AcuHerb™ line of Chinese herbal supplements.

Unlike many other herbal supplements, AcuHerb products are prepared in full potency 750 mg tablets for greater ease and convenience. With AcuHerb, a full daily dose is 6 tablets; with others the recommendation is 10-20 pills.

While many consumer-level herbs are prepared with minimal potency, and lots of extra fillers, binders and preservatives, AcuHerbs are prepared in maximum potency with no preservatives, fillers, and only natural binders. The result is a superior supplement, fewer unintended effects, and maximum effectiveness.

The AcuHerb Chinese herbal supplements are professional-grade products and ONLY available through licensed healthcare professionals. They are not sold to the general public. Please contact your healthcare provider for more information or to order.